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Lawn Care Kidderminster

Here at F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes, we provide effective lawn care in Kidderminster and across the surrounding areas. Our lawn care is designed to help keep your garden looking great all year round. From dealing with lawn damage to regular grass cutting and much more, we have you covered with our comprehensive lawn care service in Kidderminster. No matter what type of lawn you might have, we will work with you to keep it looking healthy.

We have years of experience taking care of lawns and know exactly what it takes to keep them looking luscious and green even in the winter months. Our lawn care service in Kidderminster, covers things such as scarification, lawn feed, lawn mowing and much more. If you’re looking for professional lawn care in Kidderminster or any of the surrounding areas, then be sure to contact us today.

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Professional Lawn Care Service Kidderminster

Our experienced team can help give your neighbours lawn envy! We can take care of scarification (removing moss and dead growth), repairing damage and dead patches with commercial quality lawn seed, as well as cut-and-collect or cut-and-drop mowing. We can also put stripes on your lawn to make it look its best. If you would like us to take away your grass cuttings, we can do this as a licensed waste carrier for a small additional cost.

We provide our professional lawn care services in and around the Kidderminster area and are well-known for the service we provide. Our team looks after lawns all year round, from small front gardens to large estates and much more, you can count on F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes. Contact us today to discuss your Kidderminster lawn care requirements in more detail and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Kidderminster Lawn Care - F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes

Lawn care is essential for anyone that wants to keep their grass looking green and free of weeds and unwanted critters. We have a wealth of experience in the lawn care industry and undertake all types of work for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re looking for weed and feed lawn care, grass cutting services or something else, F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes has you covered. Some of the lawn care services we regularly provided across Kidderminster are:

  • Weed and Moss Removals

  • Grass Cutting

  • Dead Patch and Damage Repair

  • Scarification

  • Bug and Critter Removal

  • Much More...

Our team of lawn care experts have the skills and knowledge needed to keep your garden looking fantastic and in a healthy condition throughout the years. Should you be looking for Kidderminster lawn care specialists, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes today. One of our team is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

Freshly laid Rolawn Medallion lawn turf
Lawn mowing, aeration and scarification services

Benefits of Lawn Care and Mowing

Your lawn is the heart of your garden and when it isn’t taken care of it can quickly fall into disrepair. By investing in regular lawn care and mowing services, your grass will stay looking healthy all year round. Some of the benefits of regular lawn care are:

  • Helps to prevent accidental damage from occurring

  • Less physical labour on yourself

  • Professional lawn care is cheaper than wasting money on ineffective products

  • Well cared for gardens help to increase property value

  • Consistent care for your lawn, which can be hard to maintain on your own

Why Choose Us For Grass Cutting & Care in Kidderminster?

Over the years we have carried out lawn mowing and care for many customers in Kidderminster and across the surrounding areas. With many happy customers, we believe some of the reasons you should choose us for grass cutting and care are:

  • Team of dedicated lawn care experts

  • Comprehensive range of lawn care services available

  • We have a wealth of industry experience

  • Well-known in and around Kidderminster

  • One-Off and Regular lawn care and mowing available

Lawn mowing, aeration and scarification services

Summer and Winter Lawn Care

Whether it’s the summer or winter months, it’s important that your lawn is taken care of. Good lawn care helps to keep your grass looking great all year round and it will help to prevent damage occurring as well. We have carried out lawn care in Kidderminster for many years and we undertake any size garden project. Whether you’ve just moved into a property or you're a busy professional who doesn’t have time to take care of their garden, then we can help. Contact us today for more information.

Local Lawn Mowing Kidderminster

In addition to our full care service, we can also provide regular lawn mowing in Kidderminster. Our lawn mowing service will help to keep your grass at the right length all year round and we can also provide cutting patterns to make you the envy of your neighbours. Gardens easily get overgrown when they aren’t taken care of and regular grass cutting will help to keep it in check. Should you require regular lawn mowing in Kidderminster or any of the nearby areas, then be sure to get in touch with us today.

For Lawn Care in Kidderminster Contact F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes

If you’re searching for “Lawn Care Kidderminster” or “Lawn Mowing Kidderminster” or something similar, then you’ve come to the right place. We have years of experience caring for lawns and gardens in the Kidderminster area and are well-known for the service we provide. To discuss lawn care services in Kidderminster, be sure to get in touch with F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes. One of our team is always on hand to assist.

Offering Grass Cutting & Care Services Across Kidderminster

Lawn Care Kidderminster - Frequently Asked Questions

What is lawn care?

Lawn care is the process of taking care of an area of soil that is covered in grass or other durable plants. Our lawn care service covers a number of things such as weed control, lawn feeding, pest resolution, scarification and much more. We tailor our lawn care packages to suit the needs of our clients and their budgets.

Why is lawn care important?

Lawn care is important as it helps to keep your grass healthy and it protects it from threats such as lawn damaging weeds or insects. Many people forget to take care of their lawns during the winter months and it can easily lead to problems occurring. Year round lawn care services will help to keep your grass healthy no matter what the weather is.

How much does lawn care cost?

The cost of lawn care will depend on your requirements. At F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes, we tailor our lawn care service to suit your service and will work with you to come up with a care plan that works best for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail.

How often should you mow your lawn?

During your main growing months, grass should be cut every week or every two weeks depending on the weather conditions. However, during cooler months this can be reduced to more of a maintenance plan and the grass is usually trimmed every other week or once a month, depending on where you are located.

What is the best height to mow your lawn?

The height of your lawn should be mowed to different lengths depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Most lawns are kept at a height of 2.5cm-4cm tall during warmer months and in patches that suffer from more wear the height is typically 4cm-5cm long. Shaded and cooler areas the length of grass could be left at a longer length such as 7cm-8cm. When you choose F.B & Sons, Lawns & Landscapes, we’ll ensure grass cutting is carried out to the perfect length.

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