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Payments, Warranty & Guarantee policies


Last updated January 12, 2021

F.B & Sons ensure that the work we carry out is free from defects and meets the absolute highest quality standards; our professional services are guaranteed to meet all relevant industry standards.


However our warranty exclusions are in place to help you identify most normal risk(s) associated with customised installations that are alive, growing and/or are subject to a variety of external and environmental factors.


Our advice to preserve or enhance the look of your installation is to maintain a routine of adequate care, regular inspection and routine maintenance according to manufacturers’ or industry guidelines. Following this advice can extend the life span of the installation and even enhance the landscape over time.


Our team are always happy to provide information regarding best practice for maintenance of any new project.


Lawns (Seed, Turf and artificial turf)

Grass is marvellous but requires copious amounts of water. It is agreed that the responsibility of the customer/owner is to ensure lawns are adequately watered after installation and during any warranty period; if the grass is found to be dehydrated any, and all guarantees, shall be cancelled.


Exclusions to warranty:

As with all natural products there are exclusions to the warranty which we are unable to provide any cover for; we CANNOT guarantee any seeded lawn or turf to be immune from moss, fungus, disease or insect damage. 


We CANNOT be responsible for neglect, misuse/abuse, acts of nature or situations beyond our control to seeded lawns, turf or artificial turf installations


Seed: We guarantee a standard of grass that is uniform and consistent after complete seed germination on acceptable soils. We use only certified seed and we do not accept responsibility for any weeds that may occur in existing soil or topsoil. We will reseed or re-spray any areas that have not developed (method used shall be our option). Bare patches due to puddling, guttering, runoff from roads or driveways or damage from pets, people, or equipment is not included.


Turf: We guarantee our turf will be from a certified supplier and we do not accept responsibility for any weeds that may occur in existing soil or topsoil. We will re-turf any areas that have not developed. Dieback due to puddling, guttering, runoff from roads or driveways or damage from pets, people, or equipment is not included. We advise customers to avoid walking on newly laid turf for approximately 4-6 weeks.


Artificial turf: We guarantee our artificial turf will be installed to a standard meeting, or exceeding, that required by our certified supplier. 


Our certified supplier warrants its products for a period of seven years (‘signature’, ‘lush’) or ten years (‘signature plus’). 


Our warranty does not exceed that of the original manufacturer’s warranty, a copy of which can be supplied within seven working days of a written request.


Any remedial work to combat these issues will be at the customer’s expense unless agreed in writing at time of installation. This warranty is for a period not exceeding seventy five (75) calendar days from installation. We need to be notified within that period for any warranty work to be acted upon.



We are unable to provide a guarantee for plants, however where a nursery, grower or supplier-backed guarantee is offered to us we shall endeavour to pass this onto the customer.


Professional services

F.B & Sons provides experienced and trained staff to complete the professional services offered; all our work is installed according to the highest level of craftsmanship in the industry. Planting, soil preparation and turf installation are done in a horticulturally correct method. Patios and walkways are installed in accordance to or exceeding the manufacturer’s guidelines. 


We will repair any workmanship-related problems that are reported to us for a period of one (1) year after installation completion. Damage caused by third parties or issues arising where damage has been caused by but not limited to; Acts of God (flooding, earthquake, landslides, extreme weather, etc), damage from neighbouring property or its owners, vandalism, civil unrest or other causes beyond our control.


We are responsible for the correction of our immediate work only and not for the conditions that may have been caused. 


We are not responsible for the repairs to our work that is the result of settling. 


Concrete and Masonry

We are proud to provide a six (6) month warranty on all new brick and paving installation where F.B & Sons have installed a new concrete base\foundation.


Included in warranty:

  • Broken or cracked joints

  • Deteriorated joints

  • Loose stones or bricks

  • Concrete work (any crack wider than 1 inch) areas will be patched and repaired, not replaced


Exclusions to warranty:

  • Deterioration of joints or masonry surfaces due to over exposure from water, mold, fungus and fire

  • Use of any chemical by customer/owner upon the surface where if cannot be ascertained if use of the chemical was safe and reasonable to do so, examples include; to clear or remove ice or snow from surface, clear algae or moss from surface, disinfect surface

  • Partial or complete collapsing of the structure from any act of God, including hurricane, lightning, flood, fire, etc.

  • Cracking in masonry surfaces due to settling, shifting, abuse to structure or from construction work near or on the installation.

  • Collision (human or mechanical)

  • Improper use of structure (heavy machinery or large delivery trucks)

  • Concrete Work: Hairline cracks, spalling or slab shifting due to water, snow, ice or exposure


Hardscape Materials

Manufactured products are covered under the warranty of the manufacturer or the supplier as applicable. Natural products are guaranteed to be defect-free at installation. 


Natural stone

Cracking and fracturing of natural stone is beyond our control and is a characteristic of some natural materials. 


Wooden products

Cracking, warping, discolouration or weeping knots are a natural characteristic of wood and if it is deemed by our professional team not to affect structural integrity of weight bearing structures or retaining wall it will be excluded from this warranty.


Labour is not included under warranty for the correction of defective material manufactured or supplied by others.


Speciality Items and Accessories

Manufacturers’ warranties apply to their products (lighting, fountains, pumps, furniture etc). Labour is not included under warranty for the repair or replacement of speciality items.


Damage to Buried or Obscured utilities.

We are not responsible for damage to utilities, including but not limited to, pipes, waste water, cables and or tanks present on the property which have not been adequately and accurately identified (location and type of utility) prior to work commencement by the owner.



If a project is delayed at the request of the client, due to any reason outside of our control, F.B & Sons will not be responsible for any costs incurred by this\these delay(s), any fees or damages will stand with the client unless agreed in writing at the time of delay to the client.


Products Installed

The owner/client agrees that there may be a minor variation in colour between the colour samples advertised and the actual colour of the product installed due to production times or natural processes. If the contracted material design, pattern, colour or size change at the request of the client and the products need to be reordered or returned, a restocking fee of 50% of the returned product will be charged.



F.B & Sons maintains sufficient Public Liability and professional indemnity insurance policies for the protection of our customers and the public from personal or material damage or loss as a result of the actions of F.B & Sons or its employees.


We also maintain sufficient employer liability insurance for the protection of our staff.


We can provide a certificate of insurance upon request if the links above do not work


Termination of Contract

In order for a customer to terminate a contract the termination must be provided in writing either physically or digitally, the notification is only accepted when a returned written communication either physically or digitally has been received by the customer but not later then 24 hours from receipt of the termination request.


F.B & Sons is assured payment for products ordered and/or services performed, up to the time the customer has received in writing, acceptance of the notification of termination, should the owner/customer decide to terminate the contract at any point of completion over the period of contracted work.


In compliance with trading laws and best practice, purchasers have the following right(s) of cancellation:


  • If an initial deposit is requested and paid, no refund will be given if the customer cancels within 14 calendar days of work commencing – before this point a full refund of any amount paid for goods or service not received will be issued within 45 calendar days.


  • No refunds shall be issued for goods received or delivered as they are NOT RETURNABLE.


Once work has been completed according to the agreed schedule, the remaining balance (or full balance if no deposit required) will be due; due to the nature of the services we provide no refunds are issued for completed work. If the customer is unsatisfied with any completed works we will attempt to rectify where possible or agree a mutual path forward.


F.B & Sons reserves the right to cancel its services with seven (7) calendar days notice to the customer where practical; in exceptional circumstances we may be required to postpone commencement with no less then 24 hours’ notice.


This applies to all goods and services provided by F.B & Sons.


Refunds are always given in the manner in which the original purchase was paid.


F.B & Sons will however, in keeping with its ethical policies review circumstances for cancellation and refund requests and where appropriate, may refund a part or all of the fees at its discretion.


Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.


Payment Policy
Currently accepted payment methods:
Payment online via credit/debit card or via Bank transfer (BACS)
F.B & Sons, Lawns and Landscapes Limited

By accepting an estimate\invoice you enter into a binding contract for the agreed sum (including taxes, shipping, handling and any amounts agreed upon or specified on the estimate) to be executed in accordance with any payment schedule specified on the invoice or where none is specified the default schedule.


Design & Advice, Default Payment Policy

Payment for Design and Advice works will be due in full upon acceptance of a proposal and the issuance of an invoice. No Design work, written Advice or oral Advice will be provided without the prior acceptance of a proposal by the Customer and full payment being received.


All documents, physical and digital, reports, surveys, CAD drawings and mood boards or other such documents remain the intellectual property of F.B & Sons, Lawns and Landscapes Limited, any fees charged would include a life time license to use such property by the person or business named in the original contract. 

Build & Maintenance, Default payment schedule:
Payment of materials or an agreed deposit will be due 14 calendar days prior to work commencing with the remainder of the balance due upon completion.

Nominal deposits for advanced work:
Where work is scheduled more than 90 calendar days in advance or the program of works is expected to last longer than 14 calendar days a nominal deposit equal to 10% of the invoice value is due upon acceptance of the contract.

If the deposit payment cannot be verified, is invalid, or is not otherwise acceptable, your order may be suspended or cancelled automatically.

All availability of products is subject to change without notice.

Tax costs may be adjusted from the amount shown on the invoice; this may be caused by several factors, including variances between processor programs and changes in tax rates.

Any amount remaining unpaid after 30 calendar days from the due date shall accrue interest at a rate equal to the Bank of England base rate plus eight per cent (8%) per month, pro rata

All materials belong to F.B & Sons until full payment has been made.

All warranties are void if payment on your account is not current.

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