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What We Stand For

The Environment, Our Ethics... Our Commitments

F.B & Sons is committed to doing business the right way, with an open and honest approach underpinned by our ethical foundations. We are committed to treating our customers and colleagues with respect, fairness and honesty. Every project is personal to us, that's why it has our name on it.

As a family-business, we strive to give our customers a fair price and an exceptional service, but we will never cut corners or lose our integrity. 


We will always maintain our compliance to local and national laws and protocols, maintaining the safety of our colleagues and the wellbeing of the environment around us.

Meet our Values  

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At F.B and sons, we prioritise respect as one of our core ethics. We believe that treating others with respect and kindness is crucial in creating a positive and productive work environment, fostering inclusion and equity, building trust and long-term relationships, and respecting the environment and the communities we operate in.


Our commitment to respect is deeply ingrained in our culture and operations to ensure success for all

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Itegrity is one of the core values at F.B and sons. It is our belief that being honest, transparent and keeping our promises are vital for building trust and respect with our clients, partners, employees and communities we operate with.


We ensure that our actions align with our words and that we're accountable for our decisions and actions at all times. We believe that integrity is essential to building long-term relationships and maintaining a positive reputation, which is why it is one of our guiding principles.

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Quality is one of our core ethics at F.B and sons, as we understand that delivering high-quality products and services is essential to building long-term relationships with our clients and partners.


We take great pride in our work and strive to consistently meet or exceed our clients' expectations. Quality is also important to us because our business carries our family name and we want to ensure that it reflects our commitment to excellence.

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Passion is one of our core ethics at F.B and sons, as we believe that it is the driving force behind our success. Our passion for excellence and commitment to delivering the best possible results is evident in everything we do, from the products and services we offer to the way we interact with our clients and partners.


We carry our fathers name with honour, and we strive to live up to his legacy by putting our hearts and souls into our work.

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Equity is one of the core ethics at F.B and sons because it is important to us that all individuals are treated fairly and without discrimination. We believe that creating a fair and equitable environment is essential to fostering a positive and productive work culture, where everyone can thrive and succeed.


As a family-owned business, with a strong sense of tradition and values, ensuring equity is a fundamental principle that helps us to honour the legacy of our company's name.

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Community is one of our core ethics at F.B and sons, as we are deeply rooted in the community we operate in.


Our business carries our fathers name and we operate in the area he lived and we grew up in, and we believe in giving back to the community that has supported us throughout the years. We are committed to investing in our community and supporting local initiatives, organizations and programs that contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the area and its people.

We mean Business

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We are committed to our planet, the environment and maintaining it for future generations

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Code of Ethics

Download our Code of ethics and see what drives our business!

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Modern Slavery

We stand united against slavery in any form

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